Our Story

We are Lenka and Jan, a couple of travellers who make original jewellery with sand we had collected on our journeys.

We are collecting sand for years and till 2015 it was only for decorating purposes. In 2015, when we have been in Panamá, we have got the idea of sand jewellery. We were working with similar jewellery technique for years. In Isla Coiba came the idea of filling the jewellery with sand. The first jewellery we gave to our friends instead of souvenirs. And it was a success.

From August 2016 – August 2017 we took a gap year and travelled around the world. We have collected more than 150 kinds of sand, shells or dirt. We use only sand we have collected and from the places, we have visited.

We both left our job to be independent. Lenka was working in Theater as the dramaturge, Jan worked in IT. Now we are focused on improving our project Couple Of Sand, we travel around Europe, look for the retailers and sell our stuff in European Design Markets.

Everything behind Couple Of Sand is made by us two. We are photographers, webmasters, jewellery designers, creators, social media managers, retailers, market sellers and display crafters.

We hope you enjoyed our story and we will be happy if you will follow us on this.

We were travelling around the world for one year

We travel together since we have met. We have visited 53 countries and made bigger our sand destinations list.

We are collecting sand for years

There was always glass with beach sand in Jan’s room, when he was a kid. Every place we have in our sand destinations list we have visited and every sand we had collected by our hands.

We love simple and classic design

The most important and dominant in our jewellery is THE SAND. We love the timeless jewellery designs.

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