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How It Works

To order jewel with your sand fo to shop, choose the jewel and ad "own sand" to the chosen sand field.

For one jewel we need a teaspoon of sand. Please, send us the required amount of sand and give us some time.


We usually need 10 days, but we reserve one month. On the send write please place the name of the place and the beach, where is it from and send it under the name in the order.

While collecting the sand, please, keep on mind the rules of the locations, from where you want to take the sand with you. We do this too.

If you want to have your picture of the place in the packaging, send it please via info@coupleofsand.com.

Address where to send the sand:

Lenka Jornickova

Trida Svornosti 44


779 00

Czech Republic


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