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1. Choose the product

You can see all jewellery in our eshop.


2. Custom or prepared?

Do you want customize your jewellery and choose sand? Or are you looking for something already made and ready to ship?


3. What sand you want?

Do you want to send us your sand?


Or would you like to choose sand from our collection?

00 EN retail COUPLEOFSAND final.jpg

4. Give us the details

You need to fill name of sand, size of the hand for the bracelet, colour of the string, size of the sand drop in earring etc.

-45 MEX Playa del Carmen.jpg

5. Payment

We accept payments in €. We accept credit cards , papyal or bank account transfer. You can also pay in Czech Crowns via bank account transfer.

Rok na cestě.jpg

6. Give us some time

We need time to manufacture your piece. We may be busy with markets or traveling. We promise delivery within one month. Usually, it takes 10 days + shipping.

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